Who are the "Brushcode"?

The “Brushcode” is a group of designers and programmers with location in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was founded by a young and ambitious team, whose work is more than profession, it is a way to express yourself, it is a way of thinking, it is a way to go forward and is an engine for new ideas.

We reinvent ourselves, working on projects in the field of web design, software, advertising, graphic design, corporate branding, illustration, TV advertising and see the variety of options and combinations to achieve the desired result.

Each professional finds fields for expression and development, causing the formation of our team of freelancers, who are specialists in design, illustration and programming. We believe that we can help each client, referred to our services to improve and implement his ideas. Mutual assistance is the foundation of our partnership and teamwork, our striving to offer quality work and service are our concept of success.