Чрез BG Payments Вие като търговец можете веднага да започнете да приемате плащания или да отчитате залължения през ePay/Easypay или CachTerminal.
С няколко клика можете да добавите задължение на ваш клиент в системата, което мигновенно ще бъде отразено и налично за плащане чрез ePay/Easypay или CachTerminal.
BG Payments ви дава възможност да следите постъпилите плащания, да генерирате репорт за зададен от вас период и удобни графики, които ще ви държат информиран за вашите минали и предстоящи вземания.
Ако не желаете да приемате онлайн разплащания можете да ползвате нашата система, за да си водите отчетност кой колко пали ви дължи, и кой кога колко пари ви е дал и за какво.
SeaFightGame is free myltiplayer online game which does not requires installation and which you can play against you frients till you have internet connection.
Roles are simple - position your ships, challenge opponent, sunk theirs ships before they sunk yours.
Game has two modes Classic and Extended which you can choose any time when you enter in the game
- Classic: all ships do demage 1 and has armor 0, despite of their upgrades.
- Extended: Ship's damage and armor can be upgraded for crystals
Used technologies: Java, Mysql, PHP, Javascript, HTML

Team Management Pro is free online system for managing teams, projects and tasks. It is for small firms, which wants to improve and to make more efficient their work process, but can not afford to buy and maintenance professional and expensive CRM or ERP system.


Team Management Pro allows you to control and optimize work time of your employees, project's flow and their related tasks. You can start using it immediately after the registration. We try to make Software simple and it does not requires any IT knowledge or experience. Start with entering your employees and give then the access web address for the system then you can create a project with related tasks. Assign every task to one of your employees, you can define a priority and deadline for every task. Finally watch task completion and comment it with the employee through the system

Free Web Calendar is a web-based time management system for managing public or personal events, notes and tasks over the internet. It is a full featured online application that allows you to keep track of your personal appointments, events, notes and tasks or to build a free online schedule. It offers you a reliable, platform independent, real time scheduling solution, providing you with a centralized source for all your scheduling needs.


Appointments, holidays and birthdays: who can keep track of them all?


Our free online calendar helps you stay up-to-date with all the important events in your life. Time management techniques like becoming more organized and reducing clutter can help you control your stress level. Our online calendar lets you consolidate all your events in one, central place. That means no more shuffling through notes, marking an appointment board, and all the other disconnected systems we use everyday to keep track of appointments.

Free Money Management System is a free personal finance software perfect solution for managing your finances over the internet. It supports reccuring payments for monthly bills and helps you organize your cash income and expenses by types defined by you. It shows easy to understand charts and graphs enables you to visualize where and how you are spending your money month-to-month. This helps you to track your payments, discover where you can make savings and improve how you manage your money.


Just few minutes a day to record your expenses will help you answer questions like:

• Where my money goes?

• How much have I spent for particular things?


Knowing the answers to these questions can improve your money balance and plan for the future better.

"Домова книга" е достъпна от всякъде, онлайн базирана безплатна система, която живее във вашия браузър и не изисква инсталация. Нейната цел е да подпомогне домоуправителите и касиерите на големи жилищни сгради като им предоставя възможност да изградят база данни, която да замести хартиената домова книга без това да изисква каквито и да е професионални умения. Програмата ви позволява да следите проходите и разходите на сградата, мигновен баланс на касата и да следите кой за какво и колко пари е внесъл в касата и всичко това само с няколко клика.

Free software ready to be used in your project. It is web based jQuery AJAX driven, multi language ready web application for storing, editing and managing files and folders online via web browser. The Application which looks like desktop ones currently has a PHP server side implementation, a build-in support for managing text files with ckeditor and a build-in support for resizing and cropping online pictures with JCrop. It uses abeautifulsite jQuery context-menu plugin for context menu and jQuery Form Plugin for ajax submiting forms.