Creative Direction

We may think over this concept for a long time, but will say that our proposals would increase the interest to your brand, and would make it more attractive and memorable as the original, beautiful or funny, which would make this service extremely valuable for your marketing.

Web Design

We offer sites that focus on good design and good navigation, always making a good
impression to the users.

Web Development

Brushcode develops a custom web software, web sites and databases according to unique needs of every customer, we provide a effective and reliable platform for your business which covers all your software needs.

Technologies used: Java, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Mysql, SqlLite.


The corporate identity or the brand of the company is of considerable importance for the brand to become commonly recognizable, so we pay special attention to any project related to this area. We care for the beautiful typography, creative characters, good arrangement and combination of colors that makes an original identity, easily recognizable and functional for use in other promotional materials.

Facebook pages

What we can offer you?


- Creating and branding a Facebook Page

- Supporting of Your Facebook Page

- Adding a new elements in Your Facebook Page

- Adding a new content to Your Facebook page



Special offer


Our special offer is free hosting and domain in one year for ordering web design + web development.

Take advantage now!

Graphic Design

The design on a paper can become a masterpiece or to be thrown in the trash or to be passed without noticing, so our goals are to seek, always to offer a new and interesting solutions that users like and easily to understand the message addressed to them.


We are producing variety of web based software solutions and we are using the following platforms PHP/Java, Mysql/PostgreSQL, Javascript/jQuery, CSS.

Finally you get a well functioning, easy to update and maintain a system that would
exclusively facilitate your business.


We believe that digital art and illustrations that we offer would help you to improve and build the best style and creativity of your advertisement or web site.